Delicious Vegan Cooking

Getting confused with all the vegan, plant-based, and whole foods noise?

Chef A'Donna breaks these complex topics down in a fun and non-judgmental way to show you just how easy and delicious cooking without meat, dairy, and animal byproducts can be.

Learn about some of the tremendous benefits to eating a vegan diet, including, saving money!


All classes can be booked as part of a series to help you continue to build on the fundamentals. 


Here are some of our most popular demonstrations:



     "Veggie Burgers and Wraps"

See how you can use a variety of beans, oats, fresh veggies, and the right seasoning combination to craft your own homemade veggie burger.

Learn which vegetables can be used as a wrap or bun to reduce how much bread you eat!

"Smoothies and Juices"


Want to add more greens to your diet without tasting it? Discover the best ratios for refreshing smoothies and energizing juices.

Tips on picking the best blender and juicer

"Breakfast Scrambles, Salads, & Stir Frys"


Need a fast but energizing breakfast or lunch?

See why these are great options for meal prep and discover how to create homemade dressings to compliment them.


Other demos include Brunch & Fresh Mocktails, Taco Tuesday, Tofu Three Ways, Comfort Food Sundays, and more! and send us a message if there is another demonstration you are interested in!

*General Venue Requirements

-Hands-free microphone (lavalier or countryman)

-Camera to project the chef’s actions onto your screen/monitor for the audience

-Access to a power source

*Your event may require more or less. Complete requirements will be determined during the booking process.